It has been frustrating and highly stressful for 120 home buyers in Taman Sri Purnama, Kampung Gong Cempedak Phase Three here when the developer failed to complete the housing project in 2019 as originally scheduled.

One of the buyers, Abdul Halim Mohd, 34, from Kampung Binjai Rendah, said that although various efforts were taken including seeking intervention from the state government, the problem was yet to be addressed.

He said that the home buyers had to bear the burden of monthly loan repayments with banking institutions and the Public Sector Housing Financing Authority (LPPSA), while there was no sign of when the house would be completed.

He and other home buyers were disappointed because their dreams of owning a home were not only almost destroyed, and it seemed that no parties care about their plights.

Abdul Halim, a civil servant, said that until now his family had to stay at his parents' house because he could not afford to rent another house.

“I am depressed as there is a salary deduction of RM400 per month which has been going on for the past four years but the house has yet to be completed.

“As a low-grade civil servant, I can't afford to pay for two houses, so I have to stay with my parents while waiting for the house to be ready,” he said when met at the project site in Taman Sri Purnama, Kampung Gong Cempedak here, today.

Meanwhile, another buyer, Mohd Hafiz Salleh, 38, pleaded with the state government to find a way to help the home buyers.

According to Mohd Hafiz, he and his wife together with two children had to live with two other families in his parents' house because they could not afford to rent another house.

“This problem has been going on for too long, and it is still far from over.

“Our last hope is for the menteri besar and the state government to find a way to solve the problems of the oppressed home buyers,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency