(2nd LD) Yoon visits National Cemetery to mark 1st year in office

President Yoon Suk Yeol visited the National Cemetery in Seoul on Wednesday to honor the country’s fallen heroes on the occasion of his first anniversary in office.

Yoon laid flowers and burned incense in front of a memorial at the cemetery, where the nation’s war veterans, independence fighters, past presidents and others are laid to rest.

“Together with the great people, I will create a country of freedom and innovation, a country that responsibly contributes to world peace and prosperity,” he wrote in a guest book. Later in the day, Yoon dropped by the press room of the presidential office.

“I want to ask the press to accurately point things out in the coming year as well, and in the event we’re going in the wrong direction, or if we’re moving too fast or too slowly, to lead our government well with your good comments and accurate articles,” he said.

Yoon was asked by a reporter if he plans to meet more often with reporters, as such opportunities have been reduced since the suspension of his near-daily Q&A sessions with them last November.

“I will make a lot of effort,” he said simply.

Earlier in the day, Yoon posted a video on his social media accounts with a message that he will continue to work only for the people as he marks his first year in office.

“It was a year of running breathlessly to create a new country of the people,” he wrote on his Instagram account. “I will continue to work with only the people in mind.”

The accompanying video showed slides of key events during his first year, including his meetings with foreign leaders and attendance at ceremonies.

The same video, with a running time of 2 minutes and 42 seconds, was posted to his Facebook account.

Source: Yonhap News Agency