3,000 Tonnes Of Liquid Oxygen From China Arrive In Myanmar To Help Fight Pandemic

A total of 3,000 tonnes of liquid oxygen from China, arrived in Myanmar’s second largest city, Mandalay, on Saturday, according to a release from the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar.

The liquid oxygen, purchased by Myanmar’s public welfare organisations, was transported through the China-Myanmar border port, in efforts to help Myanmar fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar is getting worse, and the demand for liquid oxygen and other materials is urgent,” the release said, adding, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar and China’s Yunnan Province, are working to ensure more anti-pandemic materials can enter Myanmar through border ports.

According to the figures by the Health and Sports Ministry, the country reported a total of 218,739 COVID-19 positive cases, with 4,536 related deaths as of late Friday.–

Source: NAM News Network