Minister of Communications and Digital Fahmi Fadzil congratulated digital content creator Sofyank or his real name Mohamad Sofian Abdullah, for winning the prestigious Ultimate VFX Challenge - Magic Of The Month in Los Angeles, United States, recently.

Fahmi said Sofyank’s success has not only hoisted the country’s image on the global stage, but described the success of the ‘internet celebrity’ as outstanding.

“Congratulations to the young man, Sofyank, who has brought fame to the country and Lembah Pantai by winning the Ultimate VFX Challenge in Los Angeles.

“Sofyank’s talent in creating digital content is extraordinary. Insya-Allah, there will be a few collaborations after this. What attracted me most was his humble, down to earth approach and attitude. Wishing you success Sofyank,” he wrote in his Facebook posting today.

Sofyank who is renown for his talent in creating digital VFX or visual effects has not only collaborated with international celebrities but his creative VFX videos are viewed by millions of social media followers all over the world.

The 27-year-old participated in the competition organised by social media influencer and internationally renown social media content creator Zach King.

In the competition, Sofyank competed against two other contestants who were given several challenges and a task to create a VFX digital content presentation.

The video involving the competition ‘Is This The Next Zach King?’ can be watched on YouTube Zach King.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency