Gerik MP gets emotional while debating in Parliament

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- The Dewan Rakyat sitting today was startled when the Gerik Member of Parliament Fathul Huzir Ayob seemed uneasy and had speech difficulties while debating the motion of thanks on the royal address.

The situation led the Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Datuk Ramli Mohd Nor to enquire about his health condition several times and whether he was able to continue.

Fathul Huzir who was seen sitting down and sipping water then apologised saying that he had gotten too emotional while debating.

He then loosened his necktie and continued the debate but his condition did not improve causing Datuk Willie Anak Mongin (GPS-Puncak Borneo) to ask the deputy speaker of the august House to give him space to rest.

Ramli then proceeded to order the Sergeant-at-Arms to assist Fathul Huzir to get treatment at the Parliament clinic.

Fathul Huzir was speaking about several matters such as the issue of health infrastructures and roadway facilities as well as the poverty of the people in Gerik.

"Gerik, Hulu Perak is rich in natural resources such as timber, tin, gold and the latest (the mining of) lanthanide...if you think about it logically, poor people should not have existed in Gerik.

"But the reality is different... our lives are still difficult, the village roads are not paved... when asked, (the answer is) no provision," he said.

Overcame by emotion, he stopped speaking several times while adjusting his necktie.

Meanwhile, Arau Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim when met outside the clinic after visiting Fathul Huzir said he was in good condition and just needed rest.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency