Global Humanitarian Overview 2022, February Update

The GHO 2022 launched on 2 December 2021 required $41.04 billion to assist 182.8 million of the 274.4 million people in need in 63 countries. Requirements and needs currently stand at $42.92 billion to assist 191.3 million of the 291.3 million people in need in 69 countries.

The major increase in requirements and needs is due to the Ukraine Flash Appeal requiring $1.14 billion to assist six million in need and the Ukraine Regional Refugee Response Plan requiring $550.6 million to assist 2.4 million people in need. A Flash Appeal for Malawi for Tropical Storm Ana was also published this month and requires $29.4 million to assist 542,000 people in six priorities districts hardest hit by the storm.

The full GHO document, as well as abridged versions in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, can be downloaded on the dedicated GHO website. The complete interactive datasets covering the global trends and the inter-agency coordinated appeals data are available for download at HDX.

Recorded funding for the GHO 2022 has reached $1.08 billion. This amount is likely much higher and will increase over the next few months as reporting by donors and recipients steps up. Total reported humanitarian funding3 for 2022 has reached $3.55 billion, which is similar to the amount recorded at the same time last year ($3.41 billion). For more details on amounts and coverage by plan, see charts on pages 10–11.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs