KUALA LUMPUR, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has recently unveiled a new docufilm ‘Hong Kong Classics Reimagined’ which premiered during the Marché du Film at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, in France.

According to HKTB in a statement, the 60-minute showcase pays homage to classic Hong Kong movies while igniting the wanderlust of film lovers worldwide.

‘The influence of movies reaches far beyond entertainment, igniting travel inspiration and desire. Through ‘Hong Kong Classics Reimagined’, we pay tribute to timeless classics in Hong Kong’s cinematic history and revitalise them with a fresh burst of energy.

‘We hope to inspire audiences from around the world to bring their cinematic dreams to life, creating unforgettable experiences in the captivating city of Hong Kong,’ said HKTB Chairman, Dr Pang Yiu-Kai.

The docufilm is a celebration of the rich legacy of filmmaking in Hong Kong which comprises six short films across genres namely thriller, action, comedy, kung fu, romance and art, offering a captivatin
g window into the city’s unique charm and vibrant cultural heritage in full cinematic glory.

Each of the shorts was inspired by some of Hong Kong’s most iconic films and cinema moments, re-imagined by six different directors as a tribute to the city’s most legendary filmmakers.

The shorts feature some of the biggest established and emerging names in contemporary Hong Kong film including superstars Sylvia Chang, George Lam and Karen Mok, which were filmed at some of the city’s most recognisable locations.

In conjunction with the premiere of the docufilm, HKTB has also unveiled a dedicated movie tourism guide on its official website which showcases how travellers can transform their cinematic inspiration into unforgettable experiences in Hong Kong.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency