Students, teachers and members of the implementing group in all educational institutions under the Education Ministry (MOE) are given special permission to wear appropriate sports attire during the current hot spell to avoid any health complications.

In a statement today, the ministry said neckties are also not mandatory for students wearing school uniforms.

“Schools are urged to constantly monitor the weather conditions so that immediate action can be taken to safeguard the welfare, health and safety of students, teachers and members of the implementing group.

“This phenomenon is climate variability that occurs irregularly. The hot weather conditions can trigger a heatwave that is harmful to health,” it said.

According to the Guidelines for the Closure of Educational Institutions under the MOE During the Hot Weather dated April 28, 2023, schools are allowed to close if the hot weather is at the level two warning with temperature exceeding 37 degrees Celcius for three consecutive days.

Educational institutions, including schools, are also allowed to close if the Malaysian Meteorological Department declares a heatwave in their areas.

Based on the guidelines, all outdoor activities involving students, teachers and lecturers must be stopped if the heat reaches level one warning with the highest temperature exceeding 35 to 37 degrees Celcius for three days in a row.

Among the outdoor activities that are not suitable to be carried out during that time are cross-country running, camping, parades, sports and agriculture.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency