Myanmar emergency overview map: Number of people displaced in South East since Feb 2021 and remain displaced (As of 20 Dec 2021)


Following clashes that erupted on 15 December between the MAF/BGF and Karen National Defence Organization and Democratic Karen Benevolent Army, thousands of people were reported to have been displaced within Myawaddy Township and to Thailand, Tak Province. According to verified reports, almost 1,000 people sought refuge in schools and monasteries in nearby villages within Myawaddy TS, while some went hiding in the jungle, during the initial days of fighting. This brings the total number of people currently displaced in Kayin State to 50,500. However, displacement figures are likely to be significantly higher, with roughly 10,000 persons estimated to have been displaced within Kayin State, including over 3,000 reported to have crossed the border to Thailand. These figures are currently under verification by UNHCR and partners and will be updated in due course.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees