Myanmar Seizes More Than 510 Tonnes Of Illegal Timber Over One Month

Myanmar authorities seized over 510 tonnes of illegal timber across the country, over one month, according to a release from the Forest Department, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, today.

The seizures were made in the country’s regions, states and Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, from Aug 30 to Oct 3.

According to the release, the seized illegal timber included over 217 tonnes of teak, over 72 tonnes of hardwood and over 221 tonnes of other types of timber.

During the period, 121 offenders were charged in connection with the cases, along with the seizure of 80 vehicles and machines.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has been making efforts to crack down on illegal logging and trading of forest products, as well as, to implement tree planting projects in substitution.

Source: NAM News Network