New-Energy Vehicles Help Reduce Carbon Emissions In Myanmar

With the concept of reducing carbon emissions and environmental protection, Myanmar began manufacturing and selling new-energy vehicles.

As one of the earliest electric car makers in Myanmar, Khaingkhaing Sangda, launched a sale of its second model hybrid electric vehicles, KSDV1-NE2, on Mar 1, and sold more than 10 vehicles within a week.

“We imported all new-energy vehicle parts from China. The main objective of producing the vehicles is to support Myanmar’s proposals for environmental protection, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Yu Jianchen, managing director of Khaingkhaing Sangda Motorcar Factory, said.

Khaingkhaing Sangda manufactured its first gasoline car in 2006. The company began assembling and producing new-energy vehicles in 2019.

Yu believes that Myanmar’s new-energy vehicle industry, has the potential for growth in the future.–

S0ource: NAM News Network