KUALA LUMPUR, Veteran actor Datuk Rosyam Nor says his acting rarely moves him to tears but he cried after watching his latest film, ‘Memoir Seorang Guru’, for the first time. He plays the lead role of Cikgu Sunan in the movie, which is adapted from a novel of the same title and will be screened in cinemas nationwide from May 30 onwards.

The experienced actor of over 38 years admitted that the role was very challenging to portray.

‘This character was too difficult for me to enact. He (Cikgu Sunan) is mellow, but people need to feel it. When I watched (the movie) earlier, I didn’t see myself (as Rosyam Nor) in there; instead, I saw Cikgu Sunan. After the first quarter, tears just kept flowing, even though the scenes just involved talking, but the dialogue was gripping.

‘I’ve acted in many roles and portrayed sadness, but this sadness is different. It’s not forced; the sadness is too deep. I think, maybe, the soul of the novel (the film is based on) also influenced it,” he told reporters at the film’s gala p
remiere here last night.

Asked which part of the film moved him the most, the 57-year-old actor said it was the scene where Cikgu Suman sets his ego aside and seeks forgiveness from his students.

Rosyam said the popularity of the book by well-known author the late Azizi Abdullah added pressure to his role as well as the challenge of maintaining his acting graph throughout filming.

‘The novel (the film is adapted from) is famous and, in the past, it was one of the books SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) literature students had to read. The book has its fans and if I fail (in my role), it will be the end of my career. Each scene in the movie challenged me,’ he said, adding he used the characters of his teachers who taught him during his schooling days as a guide to successfully portray the role.

Usually appearing in action movies, the ‘KL Gangster 2’ and ‘KL Special Force’ actor said the quality of the script for ‘Memoir Seorang Guru’ along with the compelling lead role and his trust in Kyoll Hamzah, who direc
ted the film, were factors that led him to agree to take on the role.

“I was looking for a script that could maintain and elevate my reputation; payment became secondary. For me, it’s the outcome that will last forever.

“Actually, this film also ‘scared’ me. After 39 years as an actor, this film has the potential to erase the name Rosyam Nor. This film can also elevate Rosyam Nor,” he said, adding he has yet to be satisfied with his acting performance and wants to continue challenging himself by playing different characters in the future.

‘Memoir Seorang Guru’ relates the story of an urban teacher Cikgu Sunan who is transferred to a school in a rural area and is assigned to teach a class filled with academically weak students.

Produced by Tanah Merah Ventures Sdn Bhd and KalamAriff Holdings Sdn Bhd, the film also features a cast of child actors as well as other popular actors such as Nabila Huda, Johan As’ari, Zul Huzaimi, Hariz Hamdan and Trisha Ooi.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency