Shelter/ NFI/ CCCM National Strategy- 2022-2023

I. Background and Context

During the latest years, the situation in Myanmar has been deteriorating with a combination of economic instability, COVID-19, escalating conflict, and a rapid and ever-increasing erosion of human rights. Consequently, the current situation is forcing increasing numbers of people to flee for their houses, sometimes taking shelter in neighboring communities and other times in jungles and forests with limited access to assistance.

The Shelter/ NFI/ CCCM Cluster is led by UNHCR and has 41 partners and will strive to identify more partners nationwide to enhance coordination. This will be achieved by working with sub-national level Clusters, the Southeast Working Group and area- based approaches where appropriate to avoid the duplication of activities/services while providing a comprehensive approach to population needs. Additionally, the Cluster aims to respond to identified gaps and reach 621,000 individuals through Shelter/NFI and CCCM activities.

The members of the Cluster are organizations or entities that are active in Shelter/ NFI and/or CCCM Cluster and demonstrate a commitment to carry out their accepted responsibilities within the Cluster.

The Cluster aims to ensure that the coordination structures established at national, sub-national and area-levels are adapted to the context and capacities to maximize its efficiency. Coordination meetings will take place in Yangon and/or virtually at sub- national and at area levels on a monthly basis and ad hoc when needed. At sub- national and area level, activities will be coordinated according to their mechanisms with channels of communication and information sharing at the national level.

During 2021, based on the new challenges and needs, the Cluster developed the Term of Reference (ToR) of the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG). Consequently, in November and December, all Cluster members were invited to apply to be part of the SAG. In January 2022, after an election process, DRC, KMSS and NRC were elected by Cluster members to form the SAG to serve as a forum at national level to provide strategic guidance, recommendations and take key strategic decisions concerning the Shelter/ NFI/ CCCM Cluster response according to its ToR.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees