Some 668 Prisoners Assessed for Royal Pardon during Khmer New Year and Visak Bochea

A list of 668 prisoners has been endorsed for an assessment for the royal pardon during the upcoming Khmer New Year and Visak Bochea.

The Ministry of Justice on Tuesday held a meeting to review the prisoners qualified for jail term reduction and elimination under the chairmanship of its Minister H.E. Koeut Rith.

Of the prisoners, 345 were requested for jail term reduction and elimination during Khmer New Year, while 323 during Visak Bochea.

The prisoners entitled for the evaluations are those who are aging, disabled, having chronic disease, and charged with minor crimes.

In addition, they must have served at least two thirds of their sentence for prisoners seeking term elimination, and one third for those requesting for term reduction.

It is a usual practice in Cambodia that the government allows the consideration of inmates with special condition and good performance to be granted royal pardon or jail term reduction during major traditional celebrations, like January 7 Victory Day, Khmer New Year, Visak Bochea, National Independence Day and Water Festival.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse