Traditional Boat Race Grabs Another Gold Medal

Cambodia this afternoon earned another gold medal for Traditional Boat Race at the 32nd SEA Games being hosted by the Kingdom.

The gold medal was won by Cambodian team in Men’s 5 Crew (U24) 800m event in Kampot provincial city.

This is the second gold medal for Cambodia in Traditional Boat Race, while the first was obtained in Men’s 5 Crews (U24) 500m event on May 14.

Cambodia’s gold medal record now reached 73, including 14 in Kun Khmer, 10 in Vovinam, 8 in Kun Bokator, 4 in Chinlone, 3 in Jiu-Jitsu, 3 in Wresting, 3 in E-sports, 2 in Soft Tennis, 2 in Triathlon, 2 in Cricket, 2 in Pencak Silat, 2 in Billiard, 2 in Fin Swimming, 2 in Taekwondo, 2 in Kickboxing, 2 in Traditional Boat Race, 1 in Ouk Chaktrang (Chess), 1 in Basketball, 1 in Karate, 1 in Wushu, 1 in Badminton, 1 in Athletics, 1 in Judo, 1 in Boxing, 1 in Arnis, and 1 in Jet Ski.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse