UNICEF to Continue Deepening Cooperation with Ministry of Planning

UNICEF has pledged to continue strengthening and expanding its good cooperation with the Ministry of Planning.

The pledge was made by Dr. Will Parks, UNICEF Representative in Cambodia, in a meeting with H.E. Bin Trachhey, Minister of Planning here in Phnom Penh on Sept. 11.

H.E. Bin Trachhey spoke highly of the good cooperation between the ministry and UNICEF, especially the latter’s technical assistance for the elaboration of national strategic development plan, sustainable development goals framework, nutrition, and so on as well as for the preparation of procedures for poor household identification during the COVID-19 spread.

The minister requested UNICEF to continue supporting the ministry’s nutrition work through programmes on iodine fortification into salt and iron fortification into fish sauce and soy sauce for children and adults, and its capacity building on monitoring and evaluation (MandEs) skills; and providing technical assistance on data collection at sub-national level, as well as material support including tablets to communes/Sangkat and municipal and provincial departments of planning across the country for poor household identification work.

Dr. Will Parks invited the minister to preside over a consultation meeting with UNICEF on the preparation of cooperation plan for the next five years (2024-2028), to be held later this month.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse