Webtel.mobi’s TUV Digital Currency / CBDC-Equivalent Valuation Briefing Reveals the Most Significant Advances in Global Money, Currencies, Finance & Economics for a Century

TUVs Fundamentally Change Global Finance
TUVs Fundamentally Change Global Finance (1280x833)

TUVs Fundamentally Change Global Finance

Global Telco Webtel.mobi’s Briefing Document to International Consultancy Frost & Sullivan for Valuation of its TUV Digital Currency / CBDC-equivalents reveals that the TUVs’ fully-operational capacities exceed prevailing theories of Digital Currency / CBDC capacities by so far as to be startling – and potentially herald the biggest changes in over a Century to money and finance as we know it

LONDON and NEW YORK, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Webtel.mobi (“WM”), the global telephony company that has developed the world’s first functional Global Digital Currency equivalent and Global CBDC equivalent – the “TUV” – has issued its Briefing Document to International Consultancy Frost & Sullivan for the valuations of its three types of TUV (the “Standard”, “Secured” and “Smart” TUVs).

The Briefing Document revealed the scope, range and capacities of WM’s fully-operational Digital Currency / CBDC equivalent – using, as it does, 21st Century technologies and the Global Telco’s worldwide connectivity.

The results surpass – by multiple factors – all the most optimistic predictions and forecasts of the advancements that a functioning Digital Currency or CBDC could bring across all sectors and markets worldwide, and to the global digital economy itself. They are significant to the extent that they could potentially usher in the most significant changes to the existing concepts of money, currencies, finance and economics in over a Century.

Moreover, WM’s TUVs and WM’s Global Financial System equivalent – having been operationally tested and refined for over eight years – are currently fully operational not only for company/merchant and individual/consumer use worldwide, but also for immediate adoption by Central & Commercial Banks and other Foundational Financial entities if they choose to.

This is because the WM System and TUVs have been structured to enable seamless and worldwide “Whole Market” access and use – without requiring systemic change or alteration by any parties, and across all sectors, countries, currencies, and systems. This enables all persons and/or entities worldwide to benefit from its profound advancements, which include the following:

Geostrategic Attributes (7 examples of over 100):
Seven of the 100+ fully-operational and proven new capacities brought about by the TUVs and the WM System are as follows:

  • A fully-operational Global Unitary World Currency equivalent:
    Achieved without countries having to change their own currencies or systems – because the TUVs are instantly interchangeable between all world currencies – so can be in any of the world’s currencies, but instantly convertible to any of the other world currencies, at the election of the owner.
  • A fully-operational alternative to current systems of both Digital Currency and Cash – combined:
    The secure storage, transfer and/or payment facilities – all from any internet-enabled electronic device, Smart Phone or Pre-Smart Phone – and the capacity for cash to be converted to Digital TUVs, and for refunds of TUVs to bank accounts or via kiosks, give the TUVs the functionality and usability characteristics of both digital money and cash – simultaneously.
  • A fully-operational, more Rapid & Secure and Lower Cost alternative to the Global SWIFT System:
    TUVs can be transferred or used for transfers or payments worldwide, in secure and instant transfers 24/7/365 over the WM System. This provides a fully-operational alternative to the SWIFT / IBAN and other systems that is more rapid (1/100th of a second), more secure and exponentially lower-cost than the other systems.
  • A fully-operational alternative to the Global FX Market:
    TUV currencies can be swapped across all currencies on the WM System 24/7/365 in a fully secure manner with permanent Full Reserve coverage – for fully secured global currency conversions at rates set by currency owners. Can be used for fully-secure and instant retail and wholesale FX conversions, as well as for RTGS and PvP transactions of any size.
  • A Return to Gold-Standard Currencies equivalent:
    WM’s Secured TUVs are fully-backed not just by 100% Reserves of their face-value in currency, but also by their full face-value in Physical Gold. This returns currencies back to Gold-Standard status with the corresponding securing of value.
  • A Permanent Hedge against Inflation and Currency Depreciation:
    The capacity for instant conversion of the TUV to alternative currencies in the Standard TUVs – as well as the securing of the Secured TUVs with Physical Gold on top of the capacity for conversion to other currencies – provide a permanent hedge against currency depreciation and inflation – and in the case of the Secured TUVs – also a hedge against Systemic failures.
  • A Fully-Operational and Global eKYC and eAML System:
    With the most thorough and advanced application that sees in-situ attorneys and notaries carry out the KYC in all countries, and then re-certify KYC once provided, and with the WM System further managing transactions within rules and carrying out permanent KYC and AML monitoring of all transactions – 24/7/365.

The number of new Geostrategic Attributes is moreover dwarfed by the number of new General Systemic and Process Improvements to current systems and processes.

A small selection of these is as follows:

General Systemic and Process Improvements (5 examples of over 250)

  • Instant Global Multicurrency Accounts for Companies/Merchants and Individuals/Consumers:
    Enabling instant expansion of business and lowering of costs for Merchants and Consumers worldwide in/for all currencies and countries.
  • Instant Global Multicurrency Payment and Payment-Acceptance Systems for all Currencies and Countries:
    In all currencies and countries and without the requirement for any new payment terminals or processes, as Smart Phone or Pre-Smart Mobile Phones are used as payment and receipt terminals. Also lowers the costs for Merchants and Consumers worldwide while increasing speed and security.
  • Instant Replacement of Expensive Intermediary entities for the majority of Transactions via the “Smart TUV”:
    The world’s first “Programmable Money” equivalent enables parties to transactions, to tailor the payment of funds according to deal / transaction structures / terms / dates / times / other attributes. Removes the requirement for intermediaries for the majority of transaction types including in Letter of Credit transactions, Global Trade transactions, etc. Exponentially lowers costs, increases speed and heightens security.
  • Instant Integration of the 30% of the world’s Unbanked / Underbanked into the 21st Century Digital Economy:
    The TUVs and the WM System have been structured to allow for the safe and KYCd + AMLd process of conversion of cash into digital TUVs, and the refunding of TUVs via Kiosks. Other than replicating and improving the instant usability and convenience of cash in many global cash market economies, this has also provided an instant solution for full inclusion of the 30% of the world’s Unbanked and Underbanked population into the Global Digital Economy.
  • Instant Transaction Cost Lowering, Transaction Security Raising and Transaction & Settlement Speed Increasing:
    Use of the TUVs and the WM System results in instant and exponential lowering of transaction costs, raising of transaction security, increasing of transactions speeds to instant and increasing of settlement speeds to instant for consumers and merchants, in all currencies and countries, and for all amounts, for all transfers and payments.

A more extensive list of the innovations, new capacities and improvements to existing systems are listed in the Briefing Document provided to Frost & Sullivan by WM – a redacted copy of which is attached to this article.

Its contents are continuing to stimulate very significant interest and debate worldwide – especially because the WM TUVs, System and capacities are not theoretical future propositions. They are rather factual characteristics of tested, due diligenced, proven and fully-operational realities and measured benchmarks – confirmed in over eight years of global operational testing and refinement.

The Briefing Document was made public by WM as a disclosure requirement; because WM is listing a Special Purpose Vehicle holding WM shares on a Retail Stock Exchange in the United States in late 2022.

As the Valuation of the TUVs – the value of which will be added to WM and its shares and therefore to the Special Purpose Vehicle’s value – will have a material effect on the value of the Special Purpose Vehicle after it has been listed, it was a disclosure requirement for WM to make the Briefing Document public.

The Geostrategic nature of the WM System and TUVs and their capacities has already resulted in various international entities approaching WM for its input on CBDCs and related matters, and it is anticipated that potential acquisition-interest in the Company from Foundational or Strategic financial and economic entities internationally may ensue. However, WM has, at this time, not expressed interest in a Trade Sale.


To contact WM: wm@thoburns.com

Research Papers on the WM System’s Converged Capacities by Professor Jan Kregel – former Chief Rapporteur, Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System:


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