Airline food supplier, former executive fined for using expired butter

A foreign airline catering company and one of its former executives were fined for supplying in-flight meals that contained expired butter, judicial sources said Monday.

The Seoul Western District Court ordered the caterer’s domestic corporation and the former executive to pay fines of 10 million won (US$7,548) each.

The former executive, known as a 59-year-old Dutch national, was indicted for ordering employees to use 685.9 kilograms of butter that was up to four months past its expiry date when making in-flight meals, which were worth around 56 million won, between February and June 2021.

The defendant reportedly committed the offense, as the supply of in-flight meals decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The court said it reached the verdict after taking into consideration the mitigating factor of the butter manufacturer’s guidance that the product’s shelf life is one year but can be extended by six months if stored below minus 18 C.

Source: Yonhap News Agency