Now in its 10th year, the highly anticipated Cosmetics and Beauty Expo Osong Korea 2023 is set to captivate beauty enthusiasts and industry professionals alike at the Osong Bio Valley from Oct 17 to 21.

It is expected that 200 renowned domestic companies, including LG HandH and Pion-Tech as well as around 700 buyers from Korea and abroad, and more than 100,000 visitors will participate in the expo.

According to a statement, the expo has a large outdoor space measuring 37,000 square metres, is the dynamic site where K-Beauty is emerging anew, making it the best place to take a glimpse into all of Korea’s leading cosmetic products.

The event is held under the slogan of “K-Beauty in the World: Discover It in Osong”, and it has been designed as “beauty unboxing” from the context of enabling the entire world to receive the gift of beauty in Osong.

The expo comprises introductions to the latest beauty products and one on one export consulting, cosmetic displays and sales, conferences, and events, as well as plans to offer visitors the opportunities and joy to experience K-Beauty trends.

In addition, various food trucks, recreation facilities and more than 700 parking spaces will be ready, and a shuttle bus will be operated from Osong Station to the expo venue for the convenience of visitors.

Moreover, events like customising your own cosmetics (aroma perfume and essence), InBody and skin diagnosis, scalp diagnosis beauty care experience programme, an online OX quiz to increase participation of and purchases by visitors, and on-site roulette with purchase receipt are expected to satisfy visitors’ curiosity and desire for beauty.

Visitors would be able to purchase the latest and popular high-functional products at affordable prices lower than the market price, and experience excellent products they were previously unaware of.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency