DP leader to appear again before prosecutors for questioning this week

Opposition leader Lee Jae-myung will appear again before prosecutors for questioning this week in compliance with a summons over allegations of his involvement in a company's illegal money transfers to North Korea, his party said Monday.

After questioning Lee on Saturday, the Suwon District Prosecutors Office asked Lee to show up again for additional questioning on Tuesday, and Lee agreed to comply with the summons, according to Rep. Kwon Chil-seung, a spokesperson of Lee's main opposition Democratic Party.

"Despite an unfair summons, Chairman Lee will comply with it with his head held high," Kwon said.

The investigation centers on allegations that Ssangbangwool Group, an underwear manufacturer, unlawfully remitted US$8 million to North Korea between January 2019 and January 2020 on behalf of Gyeonggi Province.

Prosecutors suspect that $3 million was intended to facilitate Lee's planned visit to Pyongyang, while the remainder was meant for Gyeonggi's smart farm support program in North Korea.

Lee has rejected all allegations against him.

Source: Yonhap News Agency