A National Bamboo Seminar will be jointly organised by the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) this Sept 18 and 19 in conjunction with World Bamboo Day 2023.

The seminar will be held at the FRIM Auditorium, in Kepong.

FRIM, in a statement today, said that the seminar will highlight topics related to research and development (RandD) of the bamboo industry, covering aspects such as planting and conservation, furniture preservation, composites, landscaping, products and eco-tourism.

"For almost a decade, agencies under the United Nations have agreed to make bamboo a plant that can help fight climate change. The rapid growth of bamboo can absorb carbon from the atmosphere at a higher rate, compared with other plants.

"The bamboo stalks can be used as material to produce various products. The use of bamboo materials in products is one of the best ways to store carbon for longer and prevent it from being released into the atmosphere," according to the statement.

It also said that studies on bamboo had been carried out as early as the mid-1980s involving various research areas, including taxonomy, growth distribution, cultivation, physical and mechanical properties, treatment and the production of value-added products.

“FRIM has recorded various successes in bamboo RandD and received various awards both at the national and international levels, including the registration of several patents related to bamboo," read the statement.

Apart from that, FRIM is also conducting a comprehensive study on several selected bamboo species under the 12th Malaysia Plan Project which focuses on species selection, resistance to pest attacks and external environment, treatment and preservation, engineered products, finishing, installation, connection and design, pulp and paper, nanocellulose and biomass products such as pellets, activated carbon and bamboo charcoal and biomass products.

In addition, FRIM also provides advisory services and courses in the handling of bamboo treatment and preservation methods as well as test services to determine the content of chromated copper arsenate (CCA)salt dry propagation (CCA) and boron content of preserved bamboo-based products.

For those interested in participating in the seminar, registration can be done through the link

Source: BERNAMA News Agency