BEHRANG, With a firm commitment to reflect the company's unwavering dedication towards social and environmental responsibility, Gas Malaysia Berhad (Gas Malaysia) has organised a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme with the local community at Kampung PosBersih, here.

This CSR programme includes a range of impactful activities, including the planting of fruit saplings, river cleaning activity and the distribution of Bakul Rezeki to underprivileged individuals in the local community.

Gas Malaysia Group Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Hashimi Abdul Manap said, apart from keeping our rivers clean and preserving the environment, Gas Malaysia understands the importance of empowering the local community by fostering inclusive development.

“Therefore, we are indeed pleased to be making a positive impact in people’s lives and hope that the distribution of the Bakul Rezeki, to some extent can help ease their burden,” he said during the launching of the CSR programme,” yesterday.

He said, Gas Malaysia distributes Bakul Rezeki which includes essential supplies such as rice, sugar, flour, salt, cooking oil and other necessities to the needy villagers who live in Kampung Pos Bersih.

“The contributed items are hoped to provide relief to about 40 needy families, particularly from the Orang Aslicommunities,” he said.

In addition to donating household necessities, a dedicated team of volunteers from Gas Malaysia also actively participated in planting fruit saplings along a designated area in Kampung Pos Bersih.

As part of Gas Malaysia's ongoing commitment towards environmental conservation, these volunteers also participated in a river cleaning activity with an objective of fostering a healthier river ecosystem.

This multifaceted approach represents one of the company's planned efforts, aimed to cultivate environmental awareness among its staff, particularly with regard to ecosystem preservation.

For over 30 years, Gas Malaysia has steadfastly upheld a profound commitment to create a positive and continuous impact within the communities and environments where it maintains a business presence.

“While we have made some meaningful and positive impact, we remain aware that there is a considerable amount of work ahead of us in order to consistently bring about constructive change to the community in areas where we operate,” he concluded.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency