KUALA LUMPUR, The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI), in collaboration with the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP), established the Tabung Rahmah Madani (TRM), a special fund in mosques in the capital, to channel donations to the asnaf (those eligible to receive zakat or tithe) in need of emergency assistance.

JAWI said that the allocation through the entire contribution fund from MAIWP amounting to RM2.06 million was channelled to 40 mosques in six zones around Kuala Lumpur.

“Priority of assistance is given to residents of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysians, applicants who have lost their living expenses as well as certain cases considered suitable for consideration.

“The frequency for a person to receive emergency assistance is twice a year with a maximum rate of RM200 for each application as stated in TRM's standard operating procedures (SOPs),” JAWI said in a statement.

JAWI added that TRM was also expanded for the purpose of paying allowances under the Khidmat Asnaf programme by providing job opportunities to two asnafs in 40 selected mosques to carry out social services such as cleaning and welfare works at mosques.

“The set allowance rate is RM50 per day for a period of four hours of work and not exceeding 15 days per month,” read the statement.

It also said that the initiative to establish TRM is part of an effort to further intensify the mosque-centred assistance to the needy, in line with one of the five thrusts which is the people’s well-being, contained in the Religious Affairs Transformation Plan Towards Malaysia MADANI 2023-2027 (Al-Falah) and the Federal Territories Mosques Enlightenment Plan 2021-2024.

JAWI also proposed that the mosque institution become a place for the distribution of funds and donations to the community, thus attracting the community to approach the institution following the previous success of welfare programmes such as Gerobok Rezeki Masjid, Iftar Rahmah Ramadan and JAWI Food Bank.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Dr Mohd Na'im Mokhtar said the entire RM2.06 million fund will be channelled through a specific mechanism and SOPs to ensure the application is genuine.

“If you want to give a contribution but have a fear that the applicant is not qualified, then by having the SOP in place, chairmen of these mosques need to prepare a report to MAIWP. Through that report MAIWP will regulate to ensure that the aid money reaches its target,” he said after officiating the TRM here, today.

He said TRM was launched not only to bring the community closer to the mosque, but the mosque can become an institution that receives contributions, waqf and cash from the community apart from looking after the welfare and well-being of members of the congregation.

“Under JAWI there are 90 mosques, but we start with 40 selected mosques and the mosque chairmen and officials will be responsible for approving applications for assistance either in cash or services,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency