Improving the governance of the well-being of children and their development and protection in the remaining 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) period will be among the government’s initiatives to fulfil the needs of specific target groups in building a better inclusive society.

According to the 12MP Mid-Term Review (MTR) released by the Ministry of Economy today, the National Child Policy will be revised to ensure its comprehensiveness.

“An action plan will be formulated to ensure child survival, protection, development and participation while a dedicated team will be formed to eradicate child pornography and apprehend the perpetrators through collaboration with various agencies,” it said.

The MTR also stated the needs of five other specific target groups that need to be addressed, namely the need to build a dynamic youth, empower women, increase the well-being of the aged population, empower persons with disabilities (PwD), and strengthen the family institutions.

It said youth economic empowerment will be the focus to enhance youth employability in the remaining 12MP period.

The MTR said a study to identify the profile of youth in the not in employment, education or training (NEET) category will be conducted to mainstream this group back into society and more programmes under the new phase of Rakan Muda initiatives will be organised in collaboration with various stakeholders to develop and unlock youth potential.

Meanwhile, to empower women, the government will be focusing on the formulation of gender focal teams, led by a Gender Focal Point in all ministries, as part of the effort to mainstream gender into policy development and implementation.

The government also plans to undertake a study to develop a blueprint for the ageing society to prepare the country’s transition as an aged nation, besides studying the availability of public facilities, particularly in rural areas as a centre to conduct activities for older persons in promoting active and productive life.

Realising the lack of support towards the needs of PwD, the government will be amending the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (Act 685) to empower and improve the protection of their rights.

“Public advocacy on the importance of registering the PwD will be intensified to enable them to get services that match their needs and aid the government in policy planning for the group. Outreach programmes will also be expanded, particularly in rural areas to improve access to information on assistance and services for PwD,” it stated.

The MTR also stated that the National Family Policy and relevant action plan will be revised, while the national family planning programme will be reviewed to strengthen the quality family life and intensify family programmes to inculcate noble values and align with the core values of Malaysia MADANI.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency