The Perak State Legislative Assembly (DUN) today passed the Perak Hotel Bill 2023, which aims to replace the Boarding House Enactment 1927.

State Assembly Speaker Datuk Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid said the Bill was approved through a bloc vote with 32 members agreeing and 25 dissenting.

Kubu Gajah assemblyman Khalil Yahya had called for the vote.

Earlier, State Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Sandrea Ng Shy Ching said the bill was introduced to resolve the concerns of tourism operators with regard to accommodations that require a licence to expand their business and obtain insurance coverage.

“The licence that will be given to the hotel operators will indirectly provide a uniform service because the hotel licence conditions will apply to all 15 local authorities (in the state) and they are uniform conditions from the aspect of safety and cleanliness,” she said when winding up the debate on the Bill.

Ng said subject to the hotel regulations in Perak that will be held hereafter, the regulation of hotel premises will be carried out with several stipulations.

“For example, fire extinguishers and first aid must be provided in each premises and it must be ensured that the premises is dengue-free before an application for a hotel licence can be approved.

“The state government does not intend to impose conditions that are unreasonable or that are very difficult to comply with before we license these entrepreneurs,” she said.

Yesterday, when tabling the bill for the second reading, Ng said it also aimed to improve provisions on the management of hotels and overnight accommodations which were increasing in the state.

Ng (PKR-Teja) said the Perak Hotel Bill 2023 contained 32 provision clauses under five sections.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency