The new Rahmah 5G package and the Rahmah Civil Servants Postpaid Incentive allow citizens to have own smartphones and internet data plans that are cheaper than the current market price.

The initiative is also seen to help users in daily tasks in addition to meeting other needs including children’s learning sessions through e-learning.

For civil servant Suzana Ismail, 43, the package helps parents like her who are considering buying gadgets for their children’s educational needs.

“For families who are really waiting for the right time to buy a gadget for their children’s learning, this announcement is definitely very timely because this smartphone and internet package comes at a reasonable price,” she told Bernama today.

Minister of Communications and Digital Fahmi Fadzil today announced the Rahmah 5G package which offers a smartphone 5G data device bundle plan where Samsung A14 5G and Honor 90 Lite 5G models would be offered for as low as RM240 together with a 60B data plan worth RM60 per month.

“The 5G Rahmah package is open to all Malaysians,” Fahmi said, adding that the first 100,000 subscribers from the B40 group will be get to enjoy the package with the smartphone priced as low as RM120 instead.

The package, which has a 24-month subscription contract, will be available from Aug 31 with an extended warranty of two years for the smartphones as compared to the one year period previously.

Rahmah Civil Servants Postpaid Incentive offers a rebate of RM10 per month and they will save RM120 annually on postpaid package payments.

Private sector worker Muhammad Syafiq, 27, sees the initiative for the B40 group as assurance that the group is not left out of the latest technological offerings.

“We know that they have many other bigger priorities apart from the desire to own a smartphone, let alone to have expensive internet data,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fadzylah Ismail, a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Dato' Undang Haji Adnan in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, said the Rahmah Civil Servants Postpaid Incentive to some extent helps reduce internet expenses.

“This RM10 per month rebate may be seen as a paltry sum for some, but for those who have a large household, this incentive eases the load of internet payments,” she said.

Another civil servant Norfarhana Mohd Zainal Abidin, 35, described the incentive as an appreciation for workers in the sector to continue serving.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency