River Festival: An Opportunity to Attract Long-Term Tourists

The Minister of Tourism has called on the local authority and business operators in Siem Reap to seize the opportunity of the province’s River Festival to further attract long-term tourists.

The minister, H.E. Sok Soken, gave the advice on Mar. 6 when chairing a review meeting for the preparation of this year’s River Festival in Siem Reap.

The ancient province of Cambodia will host the 8th River Festival for the first time from Mar. 15 to 17 under the theme “River for Peace and Development.”

According to the minister, almost all hotel and guesthouse rooms have been booked.

He urged the working group for the event to prepare well for it, especially in terms of security, cleanliness, city decoration, and quality tourism services.

He called on all business operators to maintain a reasonable price and high quality of their services, as this will attract long-term visitors to the province.

While promoting tourists to Cambodia as well as the provinces that host it, the River Festival also intends to inspire p
ublic engagement in sustainable conservation and development of rivers and their biodiversity in Cambodia.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse