KUALA KANGSAR, The Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah today expressed his sorrow over the suffering of the Palestinian people who were victims of the brutality of the Israeli regime.

Sultan Nazrin also expressed concerns that the world which is currently 'sick' will worsen if the crisis of competition and conflict is allowed to persist.

"The world is currently sick and I am worried that it may become fatal, if the crisis of competition and conflict continues, leaving violence and humanitarian crisis unaddressed.

"It is profoundly disheartening to bear witness to the immense suffering endured by Palestinians as a consequence of the harsh actions of the Israeli Zionist regime - actions that defy comprehension within the bounds of human compassion," he said.

Sultan Nazrin's statement on the suffering of innocent individuals in Palestine evokes the haunting words uttered by the Athenian forces to the people of Melos during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta in 416 BC.

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must". The people of Melos Island who decided to remain neutral and not surrender were besieged, all the male residents were killed, and all the women and children were enslaved," said His Highness.

Sultan Nazrin said this at the Perak Darul Ridzuan Pledge of Loyalty and Investiture Ceremony in conjunction with His Highness's 67th birthday at Istana Iskandariah here today.

He said that selfishness and feeling that only one is right will lead to destruction and even hatred and enmity as the choice of those in power, who seem more inclined to compete than to cooperate.

"As a result, efforts to uplift humanity, eradicate poverty, address food shortages, and eliminate ignorance and illiteracy, encounter mounting challenges.

"The world is grappling with issues related to the supply of goods and services, particularly the availability of food which is increasingly scarce resulting in rising living costs and widespread hardships.

"Collaboration should supercede conflict, dialogue should prevail over disputes and forgiveness should shine brighter than grudges. Repent! Peace is better than war; Repent! the roots of humanity only grow in an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation; Repent! Peace will remain a dream if there is no goodwill in people's hearts," he stressed.

Sultan Nazrin said peace will only exist when people choose to understand each other.

His Highness said the voice of truth in the midst of currents that choose to conflict, and the pursuit of peace in a world that chooses to fight, requires extraordinary strength, perseverance and courage, surpassing the strength, perseverance and courage of a soldier on the battlefield.

"God created man to have a heart. Conceived in the eyes of the heart, the feeling of humanity must be combined and embodied in words and actions, stop the race to find bad things, stop the disgraceful acts, stop the work of spreading slander, stop trying to collapse and destroy, stop the conspiracy of destruction so that the world is more peaceful, the country is more peaceful and the people live more prosperously," said His Highness.

Sultan Nazrin then called on the Raja Muda, the Raja Di Hilir, all titled Rulers, State Heirs, members of the Royal Family, members of Dewan Negara and the state Orang Besar to play a role hand in hand in fulfilling the responsibility of understanding the pulse of the common people, defining the various events that occur throughout the country and throughout world to identify the real truth.

His Highness decreed that in the pursuit of the state’s prosperity and the well-being of the people, the Menteri Besar and members of the Executive Council, should unwavering uphold the trust bestowed on them and not to disappoint the mandate given by the people.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency