Sewing a piece of cloth into a giant Jalur Gemilang triggered a sense of pride and love for the country for Kamaruddin Samudin, 52, or 'Tailor Deen' especially when Malaysia is celebrating 66 years of independence.

Tailor Deen, who has more than 20 years of experience in tailoring, said he was entrusted to produce a giant flag measuring 40 feet long and 20 feet wide for the use of the Precinct 17RK1 Rukun Tetangga Community (KRT) here.

Admitting that the task was complicated, he said the giant Jalur Gemilang had to be done carefully, especially on the part of the crescent moon that symbolises Islam as the official religion of the country and the 14-point star.

"I have certain techniques and measurements to make sure the positions of the moon and stars are accurate. I get my reference and measurements from the little flag... this is tricky and needs to be done carefully.

"Every space between the stripes is also ensured to be of equal width because we don't want people to notice anything wrong with the giant flag that I made. This is the Malaysian flag and I made it with all my heart to boost everyone's sense of patriotism," he told Bernama.

Kamaruddin, who was assisted by his friend Syahmi Ismail, 45, took more than two days to complete the giant flag, an effort aimed at boosting the National Day 2023 celebrations at the civil servant housing area here.

The fabric used for the giant Jalur Gemilang is of high quality to ensure it is durable and does not tear easily as the flag will be used in the coming years.

"The price of this giant flag may cost more than RM500 if bought or made by other tailors. The cost of the fabric is fully borne by KRT 17RK1 and I do not take any fees," said Kamaruddin who earns a living from sewing at his home in Precinct 17 here.

Tailor Deen said he turned down several requests from customers to sew Merdeka-inspired attire and head-gear to ensure the production of the giant flag was done well and perfectly.

"There were many requests but I focused on this giant flag. This is the second time I am making a giant flag. In 2020, I did make one but it was a tad smaller," said Kamaruddin who learned to sew from his parents.

Meanwhile, Syahmi said he was eager to help Kamaruddin sew the giant Jalur Gemilang because it instilled the spirit of love for the country.

"I helped carry the fabric because it is heavy. It is difficult to sew alone and as a result of hard work, we were able to make a giant flag for KRT 17RK1," he said.

The National Day celebrations will take place in Putrajaya on Aug 31. The theme for this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations is ‘Malaysia MADANI: Tekad Perpaduan Penuhi Harapan (Determination in Unity, Fulfilling Hope)’.

It is in line with the government's determination and commitment to highlight unity and stability in order to create a sense of togetherness in society who live in a state of peace and prosperity.

Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil had earlier said that the National Day celebration event that will take place in Putrajaya on Aug 31 will be as grand as the previous year.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency